June 29, 2022

Myocardial regeneration protocols towards the routine clinical scenario: An unseemly path from bench to bedside

Published in eClinicalMedicine part of THE LANCET Discovery Science, Volume 50, 101530, August 01, 2022 Nadia Salerno, Luca Salerno, Fabiola...
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May 2, 2022 / LabNews, new paper

New MaCCLAB paper published in Diabetes!

Diabetes-Induced Cellular Senescence and Senescence-Associated Secretory Phenotype Impair Cardiac Regeneration and Function Independently of Age. Diabetes, 2022 May 1;71(5):1081-1098. doi: 10.2337/db21-0536 Marino...
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September 30, 2021 / LabNews, new paper

Our new paper published in Communications Biology (Nature Portfolio)!

In vitro CSC-derived cardiomyocytes exhibit the typical microRNA-mRNA blueprint of endogenous cardiomyocytes. Communications Biology, volume 4, Article number: 1146 |...
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June 21, 2021 / LabNews, new paper

The baby and the bath water: adult cardiac stem cells revisited.

Bernardo Nadal-Ginard, Eleonora Cianflone and Daniele Torella European Heart Journal, ehab335, Published: 21 June 2021.   Heart failure (HF), the...
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April 27, 2020 / local press

Local press: Mixomi atriali – Scoperta l’origine dei tumori del cuore dal Laboratorio di Cardiologia Molecolare e Cellulare dell’UMG

Lo studio è stato pubblicato sulla rivista ‘European Heart Journal’, ad oggi la più prestigiosa al mondo per impatto scientifico in ambito cardiovascolare (con un IF=25 la prima delle 136 riviste “Cardiac & Cardiovascular Systems”).
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April 25, 2020 / new paper

“Atrial myxomas arise from multipotent cardiac stem cells” published in the European Heart Journal

The paper received the editorial by Prof. Mark A. Sussman: 'Atrial Myxoma: the cardiac chameleon'. European Heart Journal, ehaa208.
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November 11, 2019 / LabNews

Teresa Mancuso was awarded with the Best Poster Presentation at 22nd SIRC Congress

Teresa Mancuso was awarded with the best poster presentation by a Young Investigator at 22nd Congress of the Italian Society of Cardiovascular Research (SIRC).
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June 4, 2019 / new paper

New MaCCardio LAB article in Cell Death & Disease

Abstract. An overdose of Isoproterenol (ISO) causes acute cardiomyocyte (CM) dropout and activates the resident cardiac c-kitpos stem/progenitor cells (CSCs) generating a burst of new CM formation that replaces those lost to ISO. Recently, unsuccessful attempts to reproduce these findings using c-kitCre knock-in (KI) mouse models were reported.
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October 23, 2018 / LabNews

Welcome to the website of the MaCCardio LAB!

Prof. Daniele Torella and his collaborators are proud to present all the research activities and the achieved results of the...
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March 23, 2018 / local press

Local Press: Ecco il «kit» che rigenera il cuore dopo un attacco cardiaco

Ecco l’eccezionale traguardo ottenuto dal team di ricerca del Laboratorio di Cardiologia Molecolare e Cellulare dell’Università Magna Graecia di Catanzaro.
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